• SIAT EXPO 2017
  • KFGS series
  • Potentiometer-Type Displacement Transducer DTPA-A
  • Gage Bonding Tool Kit GTK-55K
  • PCA Stress Analysis Software PCAS-200A
  • PCA Stress Measuring Set PCAS-1000A
  • Compact recording systems in EDX-10A series feature a lightweight and simple structure that facilitates measurement as required.
  • PHF-S-S1 Small-sized High Temperature Pressure Transducer
  • Small-sized Low Capacity Triaxial Accelerometers
  • Three Axis Angular Rate Gyro
  • KYOWA Automotive Products


Dec 9, 2016
Announcement about New Year Holidays
Dec 8, 2016
Events and Seminars
SIAT EXPO 2017 [January 18(Wed.) to 21(Sat.)]
Nov 25, 2016
Product information
Software for reading/displaying KS2 file data KS Viewer
Nov 7, 2016
Product information
Handle for YC-A YC-HANDLE
Oct 24, 2016
Product information
Waterproof Foil Strain Gages KFWB Series